E-Theses and Dissertations Information Systems (eLABa)

ELABA – is a National Lithuanian Academic Library which stores and preserves study and science documents and/or it’s metadata for public access.

Final projects must be submitted to eLABa not later than 10 calendar days before the defence.

Uploading the final thesis to eLABa:


LMTA community members log in with LMTA information systems username and password:
NAME: your LMTA system login name (LMTA email)
PASSWORD: your LMTA system password (LMTA email password)

LMTA thesis uploading to eLABa instructions PDF 

For consultations and details:
Julija Vilniškaitytė
Theatre and cinema faculty library
E-mail: julija.vilniskaityte@lmta.lt

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