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Need to sign up for the Library?

LMTA community members do not need to sign up; library visitors are required to have an ID

How are overdue fines calculated?

Readers who fail to return an item on time have to pay an overdue fine for each item for each overdue day in the amount of:

EUR 0.03 if the item was issued for a loan period longer than one month;
EUR 0.29 if the item was issued for a loan period under one month.

Where to return a borrowed item?

Please return an item to the library where it was issued

How to print/copy/scan using myQ?

Printing, copying and scanning self-service devices can be found in LMTA Buildings 1, 2 and 4 next to the library.
For instructions on using a multifunctional device, see HERE ›

Connecting to database from home

Having logged into the LMTA network via Ezproxy, you can use the LMTA subscription and limited time access databases from home.
LMTA community members can access the databases using a unified username and password:
NAMME: your LMTA system login name (LMTA e-mail)
PASSWORD: your LMTA system password (LMTA e-mail password)

Can I save information for articles from the databases?

You can only save a small amount of data (in one logging session, one article from a journal or approx. 20% of an e-book). You cannot copy an entire journal. Data from a database can be transferred to a computer, be printed, etc. Transmission of data to third parties, uploading data to the Internet or the commercial use of data is strictly prohibited.

Where can I find more information about databases and how to use them?

For more information about databases, see the library website or contact the librarians by emailing biblioteka@lmta.lt or calling (8-5) 2613841.

Connecting to library computers

To connect to the library computers, students have to use their LMTA student e-mail)
NAME: your LMTA system login name (LMTA e-mail)
PASSWORD: your LMTA system password (LMTA e-mail password)

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