Borrowing Items

You can search for items using the LMTA library e-catalogue. The e-catalogue can be accessed from any computerised workplace that is connected to the Internet.

To use the services of the library, visitors must provide a Lithuanian Student Card (LSP), ISIC, or an ID card. Items can be borrowed for a period of one week up to one semester. Items in the library fund that are marked with a yellow sticker cannot be borrowed to read outside the library; you can read them only in the Reading Room. At the end of the winter exam session, all of the borrowed items must be returned to the library by February 1. At the end of the spring exam session, the borrowed items are to be returned by July 1.

Failing to return an item on time will result in an overdue fine, charged for each overdue item for each day of delay:

€ 0.03 if the publication was taken for a loan period of more than one month;
€ 0.29 if the publication was borrowed for a loan period of less than one month.

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