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You can only save a small amount of data from the databases (one article from a journal or approx. 20% from an e-book within a single logging session) but you cannot copy an entire journal. Data from a database can be transferred to a computer, can be printed, etc. Transmission of data to third parties, uploading data to the Internet or the commercial use of data is strictly prohibited.



The largest on-demand library of classical music.’s library features over 2,000 programs, including: concerts and archived historical concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, artist portraits and educational programs, master classes.


Is a database of full-text scientific journals in a variety of disciplines. It comprises over 1320 journals on the topics of social sciences, humanities and physical sciences.


Is a virtual music library that provides access to recordings of classical, jazz, world and other styles of music produced by more than 650 recording companies.


Is a full-text database of scientific articles. It contains scientific journals in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, medicine, health care, etc.


Is a scientific information platform for universities, allowing access to over 2000 archival and contemporary academic journals and books.


Is a major database boasting unrivalled influence on music research and contains a comprehensive and constantly updated collection of encyclopaedic and full-text articles.


Comprises full-text scientific journals in business, management, marketing, information and communication sciences.


Music and Dance Online (Academic) –  combines audio and video that spans all time periods, hundreds of thousands of seminal artists, composers, choreographers, and ensembles to provide an unparalleled learning environment for the teaching of music. Trial 25 Mar 2020 – 26 Jun 2020

Music & Performing Arts Collection – supporting comprehensive literature reviews, this resource combines cross-searchable, seminal bibliographies in music and performing arts, with full-text from hundreds of journals. Both source bibliographies, International Index to Music periodicals and International Index to Performing Arts, take a global approach to their inclusion criteria. Topics range from musicology to the blues, and from theatre to broadcast arts. With approximately two million records, this resource is continuously updated to reflect news scholarship. Trial 25 Mar 2020 – 26 Jun 2020

Theatre and Drama Premium – theatre and Drama Premium bridges the gap between Literature and Theatre departments, serving researchers in theatre, literature, performance studies, theatrical design, dramatic writing, and more. The collection contains 13,500 full-text plays from canonical and emerging playwrights, 150,000 pages of original and contextualizing materials (designs, reference material, and ephemera), 300 audio plays from L.A. Theatre Works, and 750 hours of filmed stage performances, documentaries, and video trainings. Trial 31 Mar 2020 – 26 Jun 2020

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