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You can only save a small amount of data from the databases (one article from a journal or approx. 20% from an e-book within a single logging session) but you cannot copy an entire journal. Data from a database can be transferred to a computer, can be printed, etc. Transmission of data to third parties, uploading data to the Internet or the commercial use of data is strictly prohibited.



The largest on-demand library of classical music.’s library features over 2,000 programs, including: concerts and archived historical concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, artist portraits and educational programs, master classes.


Is a database of full-text scientific journals in a variety of disciplines. It comprises over 1320 journals on the topics of social sciences, humanities and physical sciences.


Is a virtual music library that provides access to recordings of classical, jazz, world and other styles of music produced by more than 650 recording companies.


Is a full-text database of scientific articles. It contains scientific journals in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, medicine, health care, etc.


Is a scientific information platform for universities, allowing access to over 2000 archival and contemporary academic journals and books.


Is a major database boasting unrivalled influence on music research and contains a comprehensive and constantly updated collection of encyclopaedic and full-text articles.
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